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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School


Uniform with effect from September 2019

Additional details to be found in the Uniform Booklet 2019-20 link below

Type of     Uniform 


Incorrect NOT Acceptable


Plain Black leather

Heels – less than 2 inches (5cm)


Canvas; Coloured trim/laces; Resembling trainers; Boots (including Kickers); Patent leather (shiny)

Tights (Girls)

Plain Navy blue or black



Plain black

Plain navy

Dark grey

Bright colours; Patterns; Stripes etc

Trainer socks

Girls skirts

Knee length Style from School Bells

trim to be visible

Rolled over at waist. Unfastened

Boys Trousers


Sitting on the Waist   

(Belt to be black if worn)

Jeans; Faded; brushed denim; Narrow/skinny fit or tapered
Shirts Tucked in at all times; Top button done up at all times Untucked; Folded up; Tied
Blazers Navy blue with school badge; Must be worn on way to and from school and throughout the school day. Black; Royal blue;
Coats Navy Blue or Black. Must cover school blazer. No logos/fur trim/studs. Short. Leather.
PE Kit

Logo T Shirt

Logo Shorts

Logo Socks

Any Sportswear that is not from School Bells.

Authorised Supplier:

School Bells

48 Bell Road



Phone:  020 8577 6656

Website Link: