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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School

Teacher Assessed Grades - Appeals

Dear Students/Parents/Carers,


The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have organised an appeals process for the summer series of A levels and GCSEs.

It is important to note that grades can 

  • Remain the same

  • Be raised

  • Be lowered

Please read the“Important information for students sheet” for more details from the JCQ. There are 3 stages of appeals and stage 1 must be completed before moving onto stage 2.

Each completed form will be for one award. If you wish to appeal more than one subject (A level or GCSE subject) you will need to complete an appeal form for each subject.

Appeal forms can be completed on or after results day. Priority appeals have a deadline of 16th August 2021 for stage one forms to be submitted.


Stage 1 - Centre review

This centre review is focused on the school checking two areas

  • Procedural check - The centre has not followed its own procedures properly or consistently when arriving at a result.

  • Administrative check - the wrong grade or mark has been inputted against a name.

To undertake a centre review a student must

  1. Complete the “Stage One - Centre Review Sheet” Section A Student request (copy on the website)

  2. Please complete all sections of the form (the UCAS section is only applicable for A level students)

  3. A digital signature is required. A photograph can be taken and pasted in that box.

  4. Email to 

  5. Subject line of email - Stage One review and full name

Once the school has received your completed form you will get a confirmation email and the appeal will be processed. Once reviewed, the school will complete section B. Centre review outcome. If the result stays the same, this will be passed onto the student as soon as possible. If the grade has changed (raised or lowered), the school will contact the awarding organisation (exam board), to request a change. Only the exam boards can change A level and GCSE grades.


Stage 2 - Appeals to the awarding organisation (exam boards)

This appeal can only be undertaken once a stage 1 appeal has been processed, reviewed and an outcome given to students.

This review will be sent onto the awarding organisation by the school and they are checking,

  • Procedural error by the school

  • Administrative error (by awarding organisation)

  • There has been an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement in determining the grade.

In the case of unreasonable exercise of academic judgement, the exam boards will want students to explain why they believe this is the case. Please note that just because an individual feels a grade is unreasonable does not mean any reviewer will come to the same conclusion. Teacher assessed grades are holistic in nature and exam boards will look at all evidence. The JCQ do write in their guidance document (page 23), “The purpose of the independent review is not to review the marking of individual assessments.”


To undertake a centre review a student must

  1. Have already completed a stage one review.

  2. Complete the “Stage Two - appeal to awarding organisation” (copy on the website)

  3. Completed all sections of the form 

  4. A digital signature is required. A photograph can be taken and pasted in that box.

  5. Emailed to 

  6. Subject line of email - Stage Two review and full name

The outcome of the awarding organisation appeal will be reported back to the school who will then inform the student.


Stage 3 - Regulator

The next stage of the appeal process is to contact the regulator. The awarding organisation will include information about this in their appeals outcome letter, from the stage two appeal.



Please remember that by completing and signing appeals forms you are acknowledging that the outcome of this appeal can lead to your grade remaining the same, be raised or be lowered.

If you have any questions about appeals please feel free to contact


Yours faithfully,

Mr M Longuehaye

Deputy Headteacher