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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School

Student Voices

The Sixth Form at St Mark’s motivates students to exceed the academic challenge posed by A-level studies whilst simultaneously creating a happy, warm and friendly atmosphere. St Mark’s is a family that cares for each individual student, inspiring both personal and communal growth. With separate study spaces and a Sixth Form exclusive dining area, Sixth Form students can enjoy an exciting opportunity for independence. Along with this, essential life skills are fostered and cultivated with leadership roles on offer to boost confidence and the demands of A-levels,  teaching students transferable skills such as teamwork, organisation and oracy which are also helpful later in life. Our Sixth Form is especially unique in the relationships of mutual understanding, respect and trust between students and teachers. It is this cooperation that encourages all students to reach their full potential of academic success here at St Mark’s. Deciding to stay at St Mark’s into Sixth Form was an easy choice as I feel I am part of the St Mark’s community that is centred around Faith. All students are involved in initiatives where they can put their faith into action, make a difference and ultimately give back to the local community. The Sixth Form values the moral, spiritual and social development of its students that goes hand-in-hand with developing intellectually. The high levels of attainment at St Mark’s are the result of the unwavering commitment of experienced teachers and the common goal shared by all students to try their best to be their best. St Mark’s Sixth Form prepares students to become well-rounded, intelligent and successful young people embarking on their promising futures.

Olive Igbokwuwe - Head Girl


St Mark’s Sixth form is a wonderful learning environment that really encourages personal growth and challenges its students well. The change in the style of learning and workload from GCSEs to A Level can be somewhat overwhelming but there’s so much support available and St Mark’s allowed me to make that transition as seamlessly as possible. The teachers are also very understanding of the fact that it’s a completely new experience which I believe is really important and beneficial. I stayed on at St Mark’s for that reason exactly, I knew that the support was great and that I could rely on my teachers to help me through A Levels. The sixth form also offers separate study and communal areas; we have the ‘Maggie’s’ common room/dining area which gives us space to socialise during breaks. The Faith in Action programme is also an excellent way for Year 12 students to involve themselves in the local community and display the Catholic values our school is built on. It consists of one period a week of discussion, research or preparation for a charity event that is then run by the Year 12s and enjoyed by the entire school. The independence and freedom you are given at sixth form is well worth the challenge of adapting to the new learning environment and is the perfect transition between secondary school and the opportunities that wait beyond.

Joe Gibson - Head Boy