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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School

Student Voices

After one of my most important years as a student, I certainly appreciate the support I have received from St Mark’s. The Sixth Form provides exceptional guidance towards university applications as well as unique opportunities to help you stand out among the millions of students nationwide. With approachable teachers that go the extra mile to help you out, the sixth form is both a friendly and stimulating environment that encourages personal growth on an intellectual, social and spiritual level.

St Mark’s is a close, diverse community with a shared drive to achieve. Alongside like-minded students, I have acquired a strong motivation towards my studies that I will be able to carry forward into later life.

The Sixth Form has high expectations but provides the constructive advice and strategies needed in order to achieve or exceed targets. At St Mark’s students are in the perfect environment to fulfil their potential and to develop as people.

Luke Maxfield

St. Mark’s sixth form is dedicated to the education and development of each individual student, through its focus on nurturing our intellectual skills, whilst at the same time encouraging us to grow both spiritually and socially. In such an inclusive and ambitious community, St. Mark’s sixth form provides each pupil with the opportunity to flourish and achieve academic excellence. Through the teacher’s guidance and attention, the perfect environment has been created that enables each individual to become a dignified young adult and have helped us to find a balance between our academic work and social interests.

The number of opportunities available here are unlimited and far reaching; they have helped me to become a well rounded, intellectual pupil with the determination to succeed. Due to the mature work ethic that every student adopts, St. Mark’s sixth form successfully aids each pupil in becoming an independent learner and person. My time throughout St. Mark’s Sixth Form has been both memorable and rewarding.

Hannah Campbell

St Mark’s Sixth Form has played a significant part in me developing into an independent and confident person, inspiring me to further my intellectual, social and cultural prowess. The Sixth Form combines excellent teaching, a strong work ethic and a tightly bound community into a cornucopia of fine young adults, ready to face to challenges that the future holds. The Sixth Form teachers are excellent; always encouraging students to try their hand at a variety of extra-curricular activities and constantly giving aid to those students who ask for it. The community at the Sixth Form promotes the role Sixth Formers play in encouraging and helping each other. My time in the St Mark’s Sixth Form has taught me the value of hard work and determination in the process of getting the grades I desire and tasting the sweet nectar of success.

Joe Di Matteo

Despite being new to St Mark’s Sixth Form, I immediately felt part of a united community filled with opportunities. On the first day I found that my fears of not fitting in were unfounded, as I quickly made firm new friendships and established myself. St Mark’s has enabled me to fulfil my academic potential to the fullest.

Through immersion in a buzzing environment that thrives on knowledge and creativity, St Mark’s is the nurturing home for success. Aside from St Mark’s academic successes, there are a number of extra-curricular activities available through sports and performing arts. St Mark’s equips every student with the ability to excel academically, spiritually and socially. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years at St Mark’s and I believe that it has enabled me to flourish as an individual.

Sophie-Golda Reginald