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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School

Student Voices

St. Mark’s provides a support network for students who are transitioning into a challenging but rewarding Sixth Form. This helps students to develop important skills such as organisation and also helps students improve their confidence. The teachers at St. Mark’s have given me an endless amount of support throughout my time studying here and always
demonstrate effective discipline and management skills. A strong sense of community is felt throughout the School with kind and encouraging students.

Both the study room and socialising area, ‘Maggie’s’ have been a great asset for Sixth Form and have helped students to enhance their independence. Many charitable events are organised by students and thus giving back to the community is important for this School. I chose to stay in Sixth Form due to the fact that St. Mark’s continues to strive for each student to be their best and successful selves. I truly believe St. Mark’s offers an excellent learning environment and an opportunity to achieve.

Dkay Cruz (Head Girl)


Saint Mark’s Sixth Form offers a rigorous but rewarding academic challenge as pupils move into Key Stage 4. This challenge is made significantly easier by the support system surrounding students, with the school community structured around a communal care. This made staying on for the Sixth Form at Saint Mark’s an easy choice – the high level of
academic achievement and the well-maintained facilities offered up were similarly convincing. Students have access to a new study room and a spacious dining area, making both studying and socialising simple (but still separate).
Another key part of school life is faith, and the charity work that it motivates. The Sixth Form is at the forefront of Saint Mark’s charitable efforts, with the Faith in Action programme helping students give back to their community. Raising money for CAFOD and the Fairtrade Foundation, students in the Sixth Form are continually working to help others while
also developing vital skills for the future. 

Thomas Moreland (Head Boy)