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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School

School Council

The School Council at St Mark’s 


The School Council at St Mark’s  is composed of 2 students from each Year group from Years 7 - 13. The students on the School Council are also members of their Year Council and represent their Year group at meetings. The School Council at St Mark’s demonstrates that ‘student voice’ is valued.  


In June of each academic year,  students in Years 7 -1 0  are able  to stand for election for the Year Councils for the new academic year. If successful  they will also have the opportunity to be on the School Council. PPLs will make the final decision of who represents their Year group on the School Council. In September the new Year 7 students and Year 12 students  will also have the opportunity to elect students onto their Year Council. 


The School Council is chaired by two students from Year 13 who have applied for the positions through the Sixth Form Positions of Responsibility process. They are supported by an Assistant Headteacher who supports the meetings. The School Council meets at least once every half-term.


Occasionally other students will be co-opted  onto the School Council. Sub-committees are also formed to promote specific projects. 


                       School Council 2021-2022

Year 13



Year 12



Year 11



Year 10


Emma  + Cara

Year 9



Year 8



Year 7





So far,  this year, the School Council’s achievements include :

  • taking an active lead in the organisation of Black History Month.

  • supporting the promotion of the CONSENT message throughout the school.

  • promoting the Poppy Appeal throughout the school.

  • initiating the Eco Club.

  • supporting the students standing in the MYP Hounslow Election.

  • putting  St Mark’s ‘Cultural Day’  on the calendar.