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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School

Media Studies

You will study a range of media forms in terms of a theoretical framework which consists of media language, representation, media industries and audience.

The following nine forms are studied in depth through applying all areas of the framework:

Newspapers; Magazines; Television; Online Media; Advertising and Marketing; Film Industry; Music Video; Radio; Video Games.

Types and nature of the work involved
The exam board sets close study products in each of the forms above which you will analyse in depth. Examples of these include Formation / Riptide in music video, Daily Mirror /The Times in newspapers, Life on Mars /The Bridge in television, Vogue / The Big Issue in magazines, and Zoella /Attitude in online media.
You will also construct a cross – media production where you put your understanding of the above into practice. Choose between:

• Music Marketing: Create an original music video for a new artist or band  and associated print or online products.
• Film Marketing: Create a DVD front and back cover and two posters and associated audio/audio visual or online products to promote a new film.

Method of Assessment
Component 1 Media Products, Industries and Audiences
Written exam; 2 hours 15 minutes (35%)
Exam based on set close study products and analysis of unseen resources. 
Component 2 Media Forms and Products in Depth
Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes (35%)
Three forms studied in depth in relation to all areas of the theoretical framework. 
Exam based on set close study products.
Component 3 Cross-Media Production
Non-exam assessment (30%)
Individual cross-media production in two forms.