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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School


Literacy is reading, writing and communication skills and the ability to apply these skills successfully in a range of contexts and for different purposes. 

Literacy Vision

At St Mark’s we are committed to developing the God-given potential of our students. Literacy to cultivate progress and confidence is embedded as a core value throughout St Mark’s to ensure learners have the knowledge and skills they require to thrive. Teachers understand the reading strengths and weaknesses of the students they teach and have a clear understanding of what to do with this knowledge. Development of reading and comprehension skills and the nurturing of reading for pleasure has a high priority across the curriculum. A wide range of academic vocabulary is taught and utilized: students have an interest in words, their usage, and meanings. The ability to write in different forms and for different audiences is taught and practiced. Oracy skills are developed in a variety of ways and young people are given the opportunity to debate and communicate with self-belief and critical awareness. Students leave school confident in their literacy: they can comprehend complex, academic texts; write maturely, cohesively, and accurately and can communicate effectively in a variety of situations.