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St Mark's Catholic School

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"I would love to do a French movie or a Spanish movie, in the language. When you speak a different language, whether or not you're fluent in it, you immerse yourself into a completely different person." Lucy Liu

Why learn a language?

At St. Marks we believe that language learning is fun and can help you:

Get a better job

Meet new people and cultures

Be more confident

& learn new things about your own language!

The facts...

75% of the world's population speak no English. In a global job market being able to communicate in at least one other European language is a big advantage!

"My wife and I learnt Spanish and Japanese when I played at Barcelona and Nagoya. Modern languages prepare you for modern life. As the world gets smaller, there’s never been a better opportunity to get into languages. I've really enjoyed learning Spanish and Japanese. Getting to grips with a new language can be great fun, and you learn so much about other people and what makes them tick" Gary Lineker

The Languages team consists of well-qualified and committed staff. There are 6 teaching staff:

Ms R Stewart                

Mrs C Bandarian        KS5 Co-ordinator

Ms M Cruz Montes

Ms H Diallo

Mr A Olalla-Lopez

Mr J Rodriguez  (Subject Leader)