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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School



"Without a knowledge of History we, and our communities would be utterly adrift on an endless and featureless sea of time"

History is a fascinating and exciting subject which has the potential to teach us all not only about the world and the past but also about our communities and ourselves. It provides us with the challenge and stimulus to help us grow as individuals and as a society. The study of History equips us with the skills and conceptual understanding to help us to flourish. It has links with all other areas of the curriculum and as such provides an excellent grounding for any area of study and any walk of life. Our vision is to create a learning experience that is varied, engaging, challenging and meets the needs and learning styles of all our students.

Why History?

“History has the most interesting people. History has the best stories. History has the greatest range. If you put together all the dramas of human life, all the tragedy that has ever been as well as all the comedy, all our successes and all our failures... then you have History.”

Teaching Staff

The Department consists of six members of staff, all of whom can be contacted through the school

Mr M. Longuehaye

Mrs E. Oakley

Ms N. Mitchell (Subject Leader)

Mr D. Waters

Ms E. Brown

A recent Borough Audit made the following conclusions:

“The quality of teaching has outstanding features and is never less than good"

“Strengths of the teaching in the department include: Very evident subject knowledge; appropriate levels of challenge and expectation; consistent use of clear objectives and key questions; well prepared and well structured lessons; a variety of well-paced activities; very effective use of plenaries; clear explanations; effective questioning which successfully elicits a good range of responses from students; lively and engaging teaching styles; very positive, learning focused relationships providing a very effective climate for learning; good examples of kinaesthetic learning; good use of paired and group work with good examples of collective decisions making; effective development of thinking skills”

“Effective learning takes place, characterised by very good progress in relation to learning objectives; positive responses to challenge, particularly when students were given opportunities to feed back and explain their responses to the class; high levels of motivation and involvement.”