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St Mark's Catholic School

St Mark's Catholic School

Dress Code


We see our Sixth Formers as role models to the rest of the school and expect the highest standards of conduct and appearance. Our dress code is centred around an ethos of equality, professionalism and high standards.

With this in mind we seek to provide a practical and clear dress code which creates a positive ethos for the Sixth Form Community, which sets an example for our younger students.

The Sixth Form Team will make the final decision on appropriateness of clothing. Students who are not dressed appropriately will risk confiscations of violating items, and may be required to borrow a more appropriate item from the Sixth Form wardrobe.


a dark coloured blazer.

  • a clean white collared shirt with 6th form ties or a white blouse. A school tie is required to be worn with a collared shirt but not with a blouse.

  • dark trousers or a knee length fabric skirt of a non-lycra material. If skirts are chosen to be worn they must be accompanied with black tights. Both must be worn with a blazer. 

  • black leather close-toed shoes. 

  • a (optional) dark coloured v-neck jumper worn under, but not instead of, the blazer.

Please note that the following items are NOT to be worn:

  • Denim or leather

  • hoodies or sweatshirts

  • sportswear of any form

  • trainers or sports shoes

Any coats worn should be one colour avoiding patterned bright designs and minimal branding. They are to be worn in addition to, but not instead of, a blazer.


Students have the choice to wear makeup and/or jewellery to school so long as a professional looking image is maintained. This means:

  • discreet and natural looking facial makeup with muted colours and no exaggerated designs.

  • nails painted a single, muted colour with no designs or extensions. 

  • no more than a single stud earring or small hoop in the lobe of each ear.

  • no further facial piercings.

  • one ring per hand maximum with no large appendages.

Student hair must be neat and professional. This means:

  • no patterns shaved into hair or eyebrows.

  • no extreme unnatural colours.

  • moderated use of any product. 

  • hair no shorter than ‘a number 2’.