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St Mark's Catholic School


Confidentiality within the context of counselling in school?

In your initial meeting with the school counsellor we will address some of the rules and boundaries within counselling-duration-place-appointments-goals-objectives-supervision-confidentiality (child protection)

Everything that you choose to discuss with the counsellor will remain confidential to the counsellor. However, if you or someone you know has been or is being harmed, then this information will be passed onto the schools' Child Protection Officer.

Counsellors working as part of a multi-agency team are sometimes invited to attend case conferences with a view to sharing information. The client needs to be consulted about the conference and their thoughts and feelings need to be taken into account regarding any sharing of information. Counsellors working with children with special educational needs may need to liaise with their parents. This needs to be done in consultation with the child."

(Good practice guidance for counselling in schools 4th edition)